The CyGenTiG team at Kirkstall Limited

Kirkstall Limited is an SME founded in 2006, based on Rotherham, UK. It specializes in construction of advanced systems for culture of tissues and organs, in conditions that allow continuous imaging and media flow. The Quasi Vivo® product line is a world leader inconnecting different in vitro organs together to make systems.

Mark Vaux, CEO, Kirkstall Ltd
Mark has a First Class Double Honours Degree in Engineering & Business Studies. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of The Institution of Engineering & Technology. He has held various senior management/Board level positions in design and manufacturing companies from start-ups to major multinational organisations.

Dr Bhumika Singh, Chief Scientific Officer, Kirkstall Ltd
Bhumika leads the science behind Kirkstall’s Quasi Vivo range of bioreactors for Organ-on-a-chip format culture on milli-fluidic scale. She is interested in collaborating with people to develop realistic models and to address the challenges we are facing in the current microfluidic systems.